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Automatic Fusion and Threading

IBM Streams 4.2 introduces two new features designed to make it easier to attain high performance: automatic submission time fusion and the automatic threading model....

Parallelized File Processing with the Parse Operator

Reading from an external source—such as the network or filesystem—is often a performance bottleneck. When source operators are the performance bottleneck for a streaming application,...

The ElasticLoadBalance Operator

The ElasticLoadBalance operator, now available on github under the toolkit, is a drop-in replacement for the ThreadedSplit operator from the SPL Standard Library. The...

Optimizing Streams Applications

This post contains a link to a presentation on how to optimize Streams applications. The slides are meant to be presented, but they were written...

General Operator Parameters in UDP Regions

A general technique for accessing external resources from replicated operators inside of a UDP region.

Operator Genericity

Composite operators can accept other operators as parameters to achieve operator genericity.

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