Susan Cline

I’m a Software Engineer in the San Francisco Design Center currently working on Quarks, an open source project development tool. Working on something that is visually appealing to people, as well as helpful to them in accomplishing their goals, excites me.

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Streams Console 4.2: Secure Configuration Repository – RabbitMQ Example

New for the 4.2 release of Streams is a feature giving users the ability to securely store application specific configuration information or parameters that can...

Streams Console 4.2 – ZooKeeper Health and Metrics

The Streams 4.2 console includes increased monitoring capabilities for ZooKeeper ensembles. The console now displays information about the ZooKeeper ensemble in the domain and allows...

Why a “Lite” console?

The console for the 4.1 release of Streams has some great enhancements: instead of just the management dashboard, a new application dashboard was added, as...

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