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Introducing the Kafka Toolkit

The new Kafka Toolkit enables Streams applications to easily integrate with Apache Kafka. This enables Streams applications to subscribe and publish to Kafka topics with...

Roadmap for Java Developers

Streams applications can be developed in SPL, Python, Java, and Scala. This article is a collection of resources to help you create operators and...

What’s new in the Streaming Analytics service on Bluemix

IBM Streaming Analytics service – Improved Python Support The combined release of the latest IBM Streaming Analytics service on IBM Bluemix and version 1.6 of...

Receiving incoming connections in your Streaming Analytics application

How should you develop Streams applications for the cloud that listen for incoming connections?

Introducing the Watson Explorer Toolkit

The new Watson Explorer toolkit enables IBM Streams applications to integrate with the Watson Explorer platform.

Streams and Databases: A quick guide

Are you designing a Streams application that will connect to a database?  The flowchart below will provide a basic overview of which toolkits can be...

Fix domain related errors in the Streams Quick Start Edition

This article describes what you can do to fix common errors in the Streams Quick Start Edition.

How to Change Connections at Runtime with Export and Import

If you have an application that uses the Import and Export operators, you might want to change the export properties or import subscription. This...

Using the Java Application API with Java 8

The IBM Streams' Java Application API supports processing of streams using functional transformations. With Java 8, it becomes simpler to implement such transformations.

Tip: Consuming GPX data in your Streams application

If you are developing a Streams application that uses the Geospatial toolkit to monitor moving objects, you may have come across sample data in GPX...

Automatic Fusion and Threading

IBM Streams 4.2 introduces two new features designed to make it easier to attain high performance: automatic submission time fusion and the automatic threading model....

Video: Creating SPL applications from ODM Business Rules

Watch this video to learn how to use the rules compiler to generate Streams operators and types from business rules.

Real time text analysis using Streams, Part 2: Updating dictionaries and tables

This article will highlight some new features in the Text toolkit in Streams 4.2. It will show how to update resources used...

Developing Streams Applications With the JDBCRun Operator

This article will show how to use the JDBC toolkit to connect to relational databases from Streams applications running on-prem and in the cloud.

READ: Developer Playground for Real-time Visual Analytics

Learn how to use the READ toolkit to rapidly create real-time visualizations of data produced by Streams applications.