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Video: Streaming Analytics Service in Bluemix

Streaming Analytics Service allows you to provision your own Streams instance in Bluemix. To get up and running, you do not have to worry...

Streams 3.2.2 Beta — Navigating in the Domain Console

The Streams 3.2.2. Beta has a completely re-designed administrator console. The new console is a domain console and allows you to monitor and manage a...

Streams 3.2.2 Open Beta — getting toolkits

Some of the toolkits have been moved to open development on github. These toolkits are not part of the Streams 3.2.2. Open Beta download. This...


List and description of popular streams operators.

Streams On Github

Contains all of the links to relevant InfoSphere Streams resources.

Learning Streams

Road map for your streams education.

Getting Started With the Streams VM

Learn about the QuickStart VM and all of the icons on the desktop

Learn about Streams application development interactively!

View and play with an interactive model of streams in action.

Getting Started with Streams QSE

Video that shows you how to set up your streams environment. Also found in the videos section.

Installing InfoSphere Streams product and Streams Studio using RPMs

Step by step instructions on installing InfoSphere Streams onto a linux environment.

Use channel bonding to increase bandwidth with InfoSphere Streams

Link to a developer works article regarding using channel bonding to increase bandwidth with InfoSphere Streams

Migrating Instances – Moving to Version 3.2

Step by step instructions on the various ways in which to migrate streams instances.

Installing Streams

short article on installing streams…what to read, where to start.