Documentation: Beginner

A source operator to read HDFS files with the Java Application API

This document describes how create a source stream with the Java Application API so that we can read files from Hdfs. The document first shows...

Application Dashboards

This article provides an introduction to Streams Console "Application Dashboards". Learn about dashboard filters, visualizations and queries.

Bluemix Streaming Analytics Development Guide

This guide will help you through the processes for building, submitting and monitoring a streaming analytics application using the Streaming Analytics service on IBM Bluemix....

Bluemix Streaming Analytics Starter Application

This tutorial explains how to obtain, run, and extend a starter application that is written in Liberty for Java™ and that uses the Streaming Analytics...

Cheat-sheet for connecting Edgent and Streams applications

This post has sample Streams code in Python, Java and SPL for communicating with edge devices running Apache Edgent. It also demonstrates how an Edgent...

Configuring job submissions using Streams Console

Learn about the new submission-time job configuration capabilities introduced in Streams Console V4.2.

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Configuring Kerberos authentication for Streamtool, Domain Manager, and Streams Console

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Kerberos authentication for three IBM Streams interfaces for the current user. The interfaces are: Streams Console,...

Contribute to a IBM Streams Github project

As you may already know, Streams has started an open-source community on Github in 2014. We currently have over 30 projects under the IBMStreams...

Creating a circular file source

Learn to create a circular file source which lets you continually produce streaming data.

Developing with the graphical editor in Streams Studio

10 minute video showing how to develop streams applications with the graphical editor.

Documentating SPL Applications with Notes Annotation

This post shows how you can document your SPL application using the note annotation.

Extending Streams Functionality with Native Functions

This post demonstrates how to write C++ native functions to add functionality to Streams. When we need to wrap a library so that we...

Geospatial Toolkit Hands-on Lab

Geospatial Hands-on Lab to learn about how to process location data in Streams.

Getting started with application dashboards

In this tutorial, we will take a look at the Streams Console 4.1 features which enable you to build highly configurable dashboards geared towards your...

Getting Started with Streaming Telecommunications Event Data Analytics (TEDA)

In this Getting Started article, we will sketch the typical workflow to setup a mediation application that is able to process large volumes of data...