Documentation: Getting started

Develop and run Streams applications using Atom or Visual Studio Code

You no longer need to download a large VM or Docker image to edit and deploy IBM Streams applications. You can use Atom or VSCode....

Streaming Analytics Development Guide

Choose the Development Guide matching your Streaming Analytics price plan The details about how to develop applications for the Streaming Analytics service in IBM Cloud...

Streaming Analytics Basics for Python Developers

Are you a Python developer who’s looking to get started quickly and easily with IBM Streams? If so, then take the Streams’ new online course, Streaming...

Fix domain related errors in the Streams Quick Start Edition

This article describes what you can do to fix common errors in the Streams Quick Start Edition.

Roadmap for Streaming Analytics Service on IBM Cloud

Follow this roadmap to learn about the IBM Streaming Analytics Service on Bluemix.

Video: Build Streaming Applications

Build and monitor streaming applications in a visual and integrated development environment.

Streams Studio Quick Start Guide

One of the main ways that IBM Streams sets itself apart is its extensive tooling. Streams Studio is a great example of this. Studio is...

Streams Quick Start Guide

The Streams Quick Start Guide is intended to help you get up and running with InfoSphere Streams quickly. We will first introduce the basic...


Explore streams development without the graphical editor. Recommend some streams experience or completion of Introduction Lab.

Introductory Streams Lab

Perfect starting point for learning streams Development. Suitable for complete rookies with little to no experience.

SPL Examples for Beginners

We have over 100 readily usable SPL samples, ranging from very simple to complex.