Documentation: Performance and HA

Watch: Dynamic and Elastic Scaling in Streams v4.3

IBM Streams allows you to scale up your applications by adding parallel data processing. By using the @parallel annotation in your application, you could indicate...

Automatic Fusion and Threading

IBM Streams 4.2 introduces two new features designed to make it easier to attain high performance: automatic submission time fusion and the automatic threading model....

IBM Streams V4.1 and Incremental Checkpointing

Fang Zheng is a member of the IBM Streams development team. In his presentation, Fang provides an introduction to the incremental checkpointing feature that is...

Performance of Guaranteed Processing

In Streams v4.0, we have introduced a new feature called Consistent Region in the product. This feature enables applications to guarantee processing of all...

Streams Console: detecting operator memory leaks

The Streams console has new features that make it easier to detect memory leaks in your operators. In this example, I have introduced a memory...

Consistent Region – Toolkit Development Guide

General development guide on how to enable consistent region for a primitive operator.

Consistent Region – Toolkit Development Guide for C++ Operator

This is a development guide on how to implement consistent region for a C++ primitive operator.

Consistent Region – Toolkit Development Guide for Java Operator

This is a development guide on how to implement consistent region for a Java primitive operator.

Performance Best Practices

InfoSphere Streams Version 4 is a major new release with significant advances in high availability and ease of use. Leveraging these requires careful consideration of...

Using Streams Studio to develop applications with consistent regions

As announced in the What’s New in Streams V4 post, one of the key features in InfoSphere Streams V4 is application resiliency. The concept of...

How to submit a Consistent Region application using Redis as the checkpoint store

If you are planning to use Consistent Region Applications in Streams 4.0, you will need to setup the Checkpoint Repository Store. There are 2 options...

How to setup Redis replication with InfoSphere Streams 4.0

In InfoSphere Streams 4.0, you can use Redis replication as a part of your HA strategy. Although Redis itself supports master-slave replication ( ) ,...

How to install and configure Redis as the data store for consistent regions

Redis is open source key-value data store.  If you are planning to use the new Consistent Region feature , you might use Redis as the...

Streams 4.0 — V4Explorer New Features Tutorial

Learn about the new features in the Streams V4.0 release. Topics include: Streaming to Excel, Automated System HA and Application Resiliency.

UDP in Streams Instance Graph

Explore Streams Studio's support for User-Defined Parallelism.

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