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Optional Data Types in the SPL Programming Language

IBM Streams 4.3 introduces a new type to the SPL programming language to better allow Streams applications to interoperate with external data sources such as...

New in Streams 4.3: Using Complex Expressions in the Import Operator

Learn how to use complex, bitwise and nested expressions to filter data from a dynamic connection.

How to Change Connections at Runtime with Export and Import

If you have an application that uses the Import and Export operators, you might want to change the export properties or import subscription. This...

Using the Modify Operator to Reduce Copying

This post explains how you can use the new Modify operator to optimize your application by reducing tuple copying.

RuntimeFilter: A Filter You Can Change at Runtime

Streams 4.0.1 introduced the evalPredicate function which allows you to evaluate a predicate specified as rstring (eg "x==5") for a limited class of predicates. In...

Extending Streams Functionality with Native Functions

This post demonstrates how to write C++ native functions to add functionality to Streams. When we need to wrap a library so that we...

Parallelized File Processing with the Parse Operator

Reading from an external source—such as the network or filesystem—is often a performance bottleneck. When source operators are the performance bottleneck for a streaming application,...

Tips and Tricks: Understanding Export/Import in applications

This article will demonstrate some techniques you can use to aid in understanding applications that make use of Export/Import operators.


Explore streams development without the graphical editor. Recommend some streams experience or completion of Introduction Lab.

Using the operator parameter modes

Learn how to define the parameter mode to change the order in which operators are invoked to produce different results.

Operator Genericity

Composite operators can accept other operators as parameters to achieve operator genericity.

Genericity & Composites

Composite operators can be stream type and attribute generic, allowing for greater reuse.

A Simple User-defined Parallelism and Mixed-mode Example

Information and sample code regarding User-defined Parallelism and Mixed-mode.

Using Collections in SPL

Forward and link to a Developer Works article about the three collection types available to InfoSphere Streams developers.

Wrapping Custom operators in Composites

By invoking Custom operators on their own inside composites, we can provide reusable operators written entirely in SPL.

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