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READ: Developer Playground for Real-time Visual Analytics

Learn how to use the READ toolkit to rapidly create real-time visualizations of data produced by Streams applications.

Rules based processing in real-time streaming applications

Introduction In IBM Streams 4.2, we have added support for authoring rules compatible with the Operational Decision Manager (ODM) product in Streams Studio, converting them...

Configuring job submissions using Streams Console

Learn about the new submission-time job configuration capabilities introduced in Streams Console V4.2.

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Configuring Kerberos authentication for Streamtool, Domain Manager, and Streams Console

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Kerberos authentication for three IBM Streams interfaces for the current user. The interfaces are: Streams Console,...

Tutorial for Streaming Telecommunications Event Data Analytics (TEDA)

TEDA tutorial now available! Check out how to develop mediation applications using the Telecommunications Event Data Analytics toolkit.

SPSS Analytics Toolkit Lab

Leverage the analytics of SPSS in real-time using the IBM SPSS Analytics Toolkit for Streams.

Bluemix Streaming Analytics Starter Application

This tutorial explains how to obtain, run, and extend a starter application that is written in Liberty for Java™ and that uses the Streaming Analytics...

Geospatial Toolkit Hands-on Lab

Geospatial Hands-on Lab to learn about how to process location data in Streams.

Streams 4.0 — V4Explorer New Features Tutorial

Learn about the new features in the Streams V4.0 release. Topics include: Streaming to Excel, Automated System HA and Application Resiliency.

R Toolkit Lab

Integrate R Statistical Computing with streams.