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Video: Creating SPL applications from ODM Business Rules

Watch this video to learn how to use the rules compiler to generate Streams operators and types from business rules.

Streams v.4.1.0 Developer Conference Replay

Here's a playlist for Streams v.4.1 Developers Conference Videos. Check back often for new videos.

Video: Build Streaming Applications

Build and monitor streaming applications in a visual and integrated development environment.

Video: Learn Streams in 5 Minutes

Explore how to capture data streams and analyze them faster with IBM Streams.

Video: Streaming Data in Microsoft Excel

Watch how IBM Streams and Microsoft Excel integrate to enable rapid analysis of data streams. Bring the full power of Excel to data streams.

Video: Real-time Map Matching in Streams

In Streams 4.0.1, the Geospatial Toolkit included a new PointMapMatcher operator. This operator maps raw incoming GPS locations to a point on the closest...

Geofence – Smart Marketing

In Streams 4.0, the geospatial toolkit introduced a new operator called Geofence.  The Geofence operator allows you to dynamically add or remove geographical regions of...

Streams 4.0 — Expert Advice on Environment Variables

Have you wondered how the experts use Streams? Are you sick of typing in your domain and instance names? Luckily, by intelligently using environment variables,...

Streams 4.0 – Enterprise Install and Setup Videos

These videos provide a walk through of the install and setup of a highly available enterprise InfoSphere Streams environment. The process has been broken down...

Developing with the graphical editor in Streams Studio

10 minute video showing how to develop streams applications with the graphical editor.