Streaming Analytics supports a wide variety of connectors, enabling you to stream data into and out of your Streams applications. These connectors are provided in toolkits as “source” or “sink” operators. Source operators bring data into a Streams application. Sink operators send data out of a Streams application. The set of Streams toolkits that are built into Streams are documented in IBM Knowledge Center, and an additional set of toolkits can be downloaded from The IBM Streams GitHub project.

There are some special considerations when connecting to Streams applications running in the IBM Cloud, and there are some differences in how you can connect to a Streams app depending on whether your Streaming Analytics instance in IBM Cloud is a V1 or V2 instance.  This article describes how connector operators can be used in the IBM Cloud for V1 and V2 instances.

If you’re not sure which type of instance you are using, see V1 and V2 Service Plans.


Streaming Analytics V2 Instances

The rule in V2 is very simple:  Connections between Streams apps and data sources/sinks must be initiated by the Streams app.  This means that a Streams connector operator, whether it is a source or a sink, is playing the client role in the connection.  Conveniently, many Streams connector operators only run in this mode, where the operator acts as the client.  The subset of operators that also support running in the server role cannot be used in server mode in a Streaming Analytics V2 instance.

Running a connector operator in server mode is not possible in a Streaming Analytics V2 instance because V2 instances do not externalize host names or IP addresses associated with the application resources used in the instance.


Streaming Analytics V1 Instances

Streaming Analytics V1 instances also allow connector operators to initiate connections and run in client mode.  But they differ from V2 instances in that they also support server mode in certain situations, with the connections initiated outside of Streams.  To learn more about how you can run certain connector operators in server mode in Streaming Analytics V1 instances in the IBM Cloud, see Using Streams Operators that listen for a connection in the Streaming Analytics service.


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