Explore how to capture data streams and analyze them faster with IBM Streams. This video provides a short introduction to IBM Streams and then dives into a geospatial retail analytics use-case.

5 comments on"Video: Learn Streams in 5 Minutes"

  1. How to connect ibm sreams with twitter.

  2. Hi uzair123, If you want to use Bluemix, you can look at the code for this demo: https://developer.ibm.com/streamsdev/docs/streaming-analytics-airport-sentiment-demo/

    If you are running locally, you can check out the code here: https://github.com/IBMStreams/streamsx.social/tree/master/com.ibm.streamsx.social/com.ibm.streamsx.social.twitter

  3. hello Alex Cook.
    I am new on IBM Streams 4.1.1. Can you please tell me how to run these files on Streams?

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