Marking Occurrences

The Mark Occurrences feature is another Eclipse editor feature that is available in the SPL Text Editor. This feature enables you to see all the references to a selected element. For example, if you select a stream, or a type, or an attribute in the SPL editor, all references to that element are highlighted in the editor. The Overview ruler (right margin of the editor) shows indicators for all the references that have been marked. You can use the indicators in the Overview ruler to navigate to an occurrence.

Click the Toggle Mark Occurrences button in the main toolbar to turn the feature on and off.


Select an element in the SPL Editor and see the occurrences marked in the editor.


You can use the Annotations Preference page (General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations) to change how an occurrence is marked in the editor and how the indicator is displayed in the Overview ruler.

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