InfoSphere Streams Version 4.0 is a major new release with significant advances in high availability and ease of use. This release includes a number of new features which makes InfoSphere Streams simpler to manage and more resilient, as well as providing integration with Microsoft Excel. This release also adds new and improved analytics and connectivity including toolkits developed in the IBMStreams open source community on GitHub. These toolkits include support for Apache HBase and Apache Kafka, as well as enhanced Geospatial and Timeseries analytics.

InfoSphere Streams Version 4.0 includes a new next generation architecture allowing an administrator without any specialized HA skills to quickly and easily configure the product to be resilient and use a single console to manage multiple instances with common users and hosts.  InfoSphere Streams is now simpler to setup and administer, more resilient, more secure, more automatic and more dynamic.

Highlights include:

  • Simpler setup & administration
    • InfoSphere Streams no longer requires a shared file system or SSH, and no longer uses DB2 for recovery.
    • Multiple versions of streams can easily be used on the same system with versioned installations.
    • Multiple InfoSphere Streams instances can easily be managed with a single console and a new domain concept using common configuration, security and resources.
    • Provides simple management service configuration with fully automatic placement based on requested redundancy and the resources available, simple guided placement with management and application system tags or advanced placement using specific system tags.
    • Streamtool can be used in an interactive shell mode with command completion and history.
    • Provides JMX support with a comprehensive management and monitoring API, which allows integration with JMX compliant tooling and applications.
  • More Secure
    • Removed the dependency on SSH and operating system users so that InfoSphere Streams users do not require a user account on the InfoSphere Streams hosts.
    • New job groups allow specific permissions to be configured for sets of jobs based on a job group name which can be set when a job is submitted. The job group security permissions can be configured without any jobs currently being part of the group.
    • New Roles allow permissions to be granted to a role such as administrator, and applied to users and groups who have that role.
  • More Resilient
    • Recovery is always on by using Apache ZooKeeper.
    • Provides support for redundant services based on a simple configuration property with no single point of failure
  • More Automatic
    • Automatic failover and restart of management services without manual intervention when a service fails.
    • Automatic recovery from both management and application host failures with services and application processing elements (PEs) being moved to alternative hosts without manual intervention.
    • Automatically relocating services to rebalance load without manual intervention when new resource become available or tags are changed for existing resources.
    • Automatic notification of system changes through the Streams Console and JMX API.
  • More Dynamic
    • Many configuration parameters can now be changed without restarting InfoSphere Streams instances.

InfoSphere Streams Version 4.0 and its next generation architecture bring significant advances in capabilities and new features for InfoSphere Streams users. It is a big step forward and will continue to be enhanced with exciting new capabilities in future releases. We believe that existing InfoSphere Streams users will see big benefits in the changes and new features introduced in Version 4.0 and hope that they can move to this new release and take advantage of the benefits as soon as possible.

Here is a set of migration documents that will help you migrate to InfoSphere Streams Version 4.0:

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