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Here’s a list of articles and documentation useful for a Java developer to work with Streams.

Read the Basic Building Blocks section in the Streams basics from the Quick Start Guide to understand how Streams applications work.

Then, pick the option that best suites your needs.

Option 1: Create Streams applications using only Java.
1. Read the introduction to the Java API.
2. Create your own applications by following the  Java Application API Development Guide

Option 2: Create a Java operator that will be used from a SPL application:

  1. Work through the rest of the Streams Quick Start Guide to learn about how to build Streams applications
  2. Learn how to develop Java Primitive Operators
  3. How to use Java annotations to develop Java Primitive Operators:  Simplified Java Operator Development
  4. Debugging a Java Operator:  How to debug Java operators using the Eclipse Java Debugger?
  5. Performance Tuning with Java Operators:  Performance Tuning Tips for Java Operators

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