IconIBM Streaming Analytics is available on Bluemix (www.bluemix.net).  Streaming Analytics is built upon the IBM Streams technology.  Streams is an advanced analytic platform allowing user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze, and correlate information as it arrives from a wide variety of real-time sources.  The Streaming Analytics service gives you the ability to deploy Streams applications to run in the Bluemix cloud. This roadmap helps you get started and learn about the IBM Streaming Analytics Service.  

Step 1 – Learn about Streams

If you are new to Streams, please take some time to learn about the Streams technology.  If you already have experience with Streams, please move to the next step.  

Step 2 – Learn about the Streaming Analytics Service

Please read this quick introduction to the Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service  

Step 3 – Run a Sample

There are a number of sample applications you can use to learn about the Streaming Analytics service.  Please run one or more of the samples below that most closely match your intended use of Streaming Analytics service in Bluemix.

Streams Application Samples

Run Streams application samples to simply explore how to run Streams apps in the Bluemix cloud.  Use the project link below to access a number of sample applications written in SPL that are ready to submit to your  Streaming Analytics instance in Bluemix.  Consult the PDF file in the project for instructions about how to run and explore the samples.

Streams Application Samples in Bluemix DevOps Services

End-to-End Bluemix Starter Applications

Run an end-to-end Bluemix starter application if you want to explore how to use Streaming Analytics in the context of a Bluemix application that uses a Bluemix languages runtime and one or more Bluemix services.

EventDetection Starter

The EventDetection starter application uses the SDK for Node.js runtime in Bluemix.  EventDetection uses the Streaming Analytics service to detect simple and complex events in a Stream of real-time weather data.

Article: Streaming Analytics Event Detection Starter Application

NYCTraffic Starter

The NYCTraffic starter application uses the Liberty for Java runtime in Bluemix.  NYCTraffic uses the Streaming Analytics service to analyze a real-time feed of road speeds.

Article: Bluemix Streaming Analytics Starter Application

Streaming Analytics Demos

Full-featured demo applications that use Streaming Analytics are linked below:

Streaming Analytics RSS Text Analytics Demo

Streaming Analytics Airport Sentiment Demo


Step 4 – Learn More about Developing Streams Applications for the Cloud

See the Bluemix Streaming Analytics Development Guide for a comprehensive description of how to develop and deploy applications to the Streaming Analytics service. The development guide features a sample Streams application that analyzes Twitter data and step-by-step instructions for completing tasks that are part of the application development life cycle. If you have an existing Streams application that you would like to deploy to the cloud, see Getting your SPL application ready for the cloud.  

Step 5 – Learn about Integrating with other Bluemix Services

A variety of tutorials are available to help you use the Streaming Analytics service with other Bluemix services.  All of the integration tutorials include code samples.


Integrating with Cloudant and many other RESTful Services

Analyzing on premise data with Streaming Analytics using the Secure Gateway service


Getting Started with Streaming Analytics and Message Hub

Getting Started with Streaming Analytics and RabbitMQ

Watson IoT / Internet of Things Platform

Getting started with Streaming Analytics and the Internet of Things

IoT Device Events to Streaming Analytics in 15 Minutes

Using Apache Edgent, Watson IoT, and Streaming Analytics to Create a Smart Sprinkler

Watson IoT Recipe: Integrate IBM Streaming Analytics Service with Watson IoT Platform


Integrating Streaming Analytics with HDFS on Bluemix

Integrating Streaming Analytics Service with HBase on Bluemix


Using Streaming Analytics with JDBC-enabled Bluemix Databases

Integrating with Cloudant and many other RESTful Services

Predictive Analytics

Support for SPSS Analytics Toolkit in Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service

File-based Data Sources

Using data files in the cloud:  Access files in Bluemix Object Storage from Streaming Analytics


Step 6 – Taking Care of your Streams Application in the Cloud

If you have a Streams application running in the Bluemix Streaming Analytics service, its most likely one that runs continuously – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  But how can you make sure that your application is running normally?  See Monitoring Your Streams App in Bluemix using the Streams REST API to learn how you can programmatically assess whether your app is operating normally and extract valuable metrics about its execution.

5 Comments on "Roadmap for Streaming Analytics Service on Bluemix"

  1. Samantha Chan September 01, 2015

    Thanks very much! Fixed.

  2. YuanChiChang October 29, 2015

    Hi Samantha, I find this Roadmap page to be very relevant and useful! Thank you.
    Do you plan to showcase an example of connecting Streaming to BlueMix Twitter services? I believe many Streams developers are eager to see the coding pattern to make it happen. Can Twitter service send data directly over to Streams or it has to go through Liberty for Java?
    The DashDB team created an example to query Twitter archive first and load matched tweets into DashDB. Unfortunately, the flow has to go through Liberty rather than real-time ingestion. So I am curious if Streams can take in live Twitter data directly.

    • Samantha Chan October 29, 2015

      Hi there –
      Thanks for the suggestion. Streams can ingest data directly from Twitter. We have an open-source toolkit here that demonstrates how to do that: https://github.com/IBMStreams/streamsx.social. However, we have not tried hooking up the Blumix Twitter services. This is something very interesting, and we should definitely try it out. I will pass this idea along to the Bluemix Team and see what we can do.

  3. Hi Samantha,
    Is there any possibility of taking live Instagram data for streaming purpose by using bluemix services

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