We have over 100 readily usable SPL samples, ranging from very simple to complex.

Learn more about SPL by downloading the latest package from GitHub.  You can also browse the SPL samples package from here:  Streams Application Samples


2 comments on"SPL Examples for Beginners"

  1. Thank you for the great examples! They are very helpful. One small thing I noticed is that some of the examples use printString instead of printStringLn to print to the console. Since printString does not flush, there is no output to the console when run in distributed mode. An example of this is 008_get_submission_time_value.

  2. Senthil_Nathan_NY October 27, 2014

    Hi Kathey,
    Thank you. I will change all occurrences of printString to printStringLn during the next refresh of this package.


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