In this article I will describe how to use the flip cards in the Streams V4¬† domain console. The console has monitoring views for domain, instance, job, PE, operator and stream. Each view contains a set of ” flip cards” that show relevant information scoped to the appropriate level.

The basic card will have some type of visualization (graph, list, property control, etc…) on the front and you can flip it over and see a grid (table) of the same information on the back. The cards allow you to change the settings enabling you to specify different color schemes or different metrics in order to customize the visualization.

Using the PE Metrics Chart found on domain monitoring page as an example, the front of the card is a scatter chart with each PE represented as a colored point and positioned based on two PE metrics. The defaults are:

  • color by PE (each PE will be a different colored dot)
  • x-axis: nCpuMilliseconds PE metric
  • y-axis: nMemoryConsumption PE metric

This results in a chart that looks similar to this:

Changing the Settings

Charts can be customized by positioning the mouse on the chart which will show the chart controls along the top right hand side of the chart as seen below:
Press the settings icon: chartconfigbutton to open the settings control. You can then change the settings to customize the chart. The example below shows the settings for the PE Metrics Chart and you can change the coloring scheme and the metrics used for the X and Y axis.

When finished simply press the settings icon again and the control will go away.


The charts support hover. Position the mouse on one of the chart points and a hover will appear with information about that point as seen below:
In addition to details about the object, the hover may contain hyperlinks which will take you to the monitoring view for that object. In the above sample, there are hyperlinks (blue text) for PE, Job, Instance and Resource.

The hover also contains a set of actions along the bottom. In the sample shown above you could Restart PE 0 or Cancel Job. The contents of the hover vary depending upon the object but all will contain details, relevant monitor hyperlinks and actions.

If more than one object occupies the same point in a chart the hover will indicate that is more than one point here and you can use the drop down box to select the one you want as seen below.multiplePEshover

Flipping the card

You can “flip” the chart to see a grid view of the information. To do this press the flip button: flipbutton which will flip the card over to show the grid as shown below.

Each of the monitoring views show a different set of cards. I encourage you to explore the different monitoring views and provide us feedback on the domain console. Specifically:

1. For each monitoring view are there any different cards you need?
2. Is there something you want to monitor that you can not right now?
3. Are the hovers useful? Anything missing? For example, we have gotten feedback that the hovers should dynamically update when open.
4. Are the visualizations the right ones?
5. Are the cards arranged in a good order?

If you have any comments or ideas please comment on this post.

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