The “V4Explorer” New Features Tutorial demonstrates, at a high level, some of the new capabilities that you will get from upgrading to the IBM® InfoSphere® Streams 4.0 release. We hope you find them as exciting as we do!

  • Streaming to Excel:
    An Excel user can identify and access streaming data to enable analysis and visualization on continually updating data with the full power of Microsoft Excel.
  • Automated System High Availability:
    Without specialized high availability (HA) skills, an administrator can configure IBM InfoSphere Streams to be resilient, and can use a single console to manage multiple instances with common users and hosts.
  • Application Resiliency:
    With a simple annotation and HA-compliant operators, a developer can guarantee all data is processed.

Download the tutorial instructions and samples here: V4Explorer Instructions and Samples

You can follow along by watching the videos below, or by reading through the instructions. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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