The Streams Console is a next-generation web application which allows you to easily monitor and manage your Streams Domain. Its sleek and efficient interface lets you quickly gain insights on the health, metrics, issues and performance of your Streams Cluster. You can set-up and configure your Streams Domain in seconds through the easy-to-use management tools. Some of the powerful features include:

Domain Management

Resources and Tags Management Page

  • Add or remove domain resources and tags
  • Associate multiple tags with multiple resources in a few clicks
  • View the relationship between tags and resources


Instance Management Page

  • Create, remove, start, stop and edit Streams instances
  • Modify instance properties
  • Setup application environment variables
  • View the relationship between instances, resource specifications and resources


Domain/Instance Permission Management Page

See it in action

  • Add or remove users, groups and roles
  • Assign roles to users/groups
  • Assign permissions to roles, users and groups
  • View the relationship between user/groups, roles and permissions


Monitoring pages for domain, resource, instance, job, pe, operator or stream

  • Actions: Perform actions like setting application trace, restart pes, submit/cancel jobs, view pe restart recommendations and many more.
  • Domain Tree: View all your domain artifacts in an hierarchical tree with their status, health and critical metrics. See it in action.
  • Metric/Health charts and grids: Monitor metrics and health through various configurable charts like pie charts, bar charts, scatter charts, etc and grids. See it in action.
  • Log viewer: Analyze application trace, product and console logs through a reader friendly viewer.
  • Streams Graph: A graphical view of your Streams Application which shows flow rates, health of connections & operators and allows you to apply customized metric color schemes. See it in action.
  • Navigation Status Bar: View the summarized health of all your domain artifacts as well as a detailed list view through drop down hovers. Use the drill through capability to monitor specific artifacts. See it in action.
  • View Chart/Grid: See the tuples flowing through your application through a configurable chart or grid.
The Streams console monitoring an instance
The stream monitoring page including a dynamic chart (bottom left) and a dynamic view (middle bottom)

You can download Streams Studio, Streams for Excel Add-In, domain & job log bundles and the domain host installation package from the Streams Console. The Streams Console can be accessed by using the URL returned from the command streamtool geturl or by clicking on the Open Streams Console button in Streams Domain Manager.

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