Streams Studio is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) to create, edit, visualize, test, debug and run your SPL applications.

Streams Explorer View

The Streams Explorer view helps you manage your Streams development environment.  From the Streams Explorer view, you can:

  • Set or change Streams install locations
  • Add or remove toolkit locations
  • Manage domain connections
  • Manage Streams instances
  • Monitor instance and job health
  • Launch and cancel Streams jobs



Project Explorer

The Project Explorer view has been customized to help you develop your Streams application.  From the Project Explorer view, you can:

  • View Streams application resources logically
  • Build SPL application in distributed and stand-alone mode
  • Build SPL application with custom options
  • Develop and build C++ and Java primitive operators
  • Launch SPL applications in standalone or distributed mode


SPL Graphical Editor

The SPL Graphical Editor allows you to construct your Streams application graphically.  From the SPL Graphical Editor you can:

  • Write SPL¬†application by dragging and dropping operators from the palette to the canvas and connecting them in the editor.
  • Define types and schemas
  • Write SPL application without having to know the details of the SPL language. ¬†SPL code is generated by the editor whenever the file is saved.
  • Refactor Streams elements like operator names, stream names, etc.


SPL Editor

The SPL Editor helps you write SPL code.  The SPL Editor provides:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Context-sensitive content assist
  • Context-sensitive code templates
  • Open Declaration
  • Code Formatting
  • Find References
  • Rename Refactoring
  • Quick Outline


Instance Graph

The Instance Graph allows you to monitor and debug your Streams application.  From the Instance Graph, you can:

  • Monitor running applications using color schemes. ¬†Operators and streams are colored based on the selected color scheme. ¬†Some of the pre-built color schemes include Health, Flow, Load Average, etc.
  • Inspect job,¬†PE, operator and connection metrics
  • Dynamically change job, PE and operator log levels
  • Gather job, PE and operator logs and traces
  • View data as it is flowing through the¬†applications
  • Set metrics baseline and monitor how metric values change over time.


Metrics View

The Metrics View allow you to monitor and analyze your instances, and Streams applications.  From the Metrics View, you can:

  • Monitor built-in job, operator, ports and connection metrics
  • Monitor custom operator metrics
  • Monitor instance and host metrics
  • Set metrics baseline and monitor how metric values change over time.
  • Set up custom alerts that get triggered when certain metric value conditions are met.



Team Support

Streams Studio is implemented to support the Eclipse Team APIs.  Therefore, your development environment can be integrated with any SCMs that implement the Eclipse Team APIs.  Streams Studio has been tested with Rational Team Concert (RTC) and EGit.

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