You can define remote Streams Install locations using configuration files.  The file contains the following:

# Remote Linux host name or IP address

# Absolute path for RSE server
# The RSE server is typically in <streams_install_location>/etc/rseserver on the Linux host

# (Optional) Absolute path for Streams installation

# (Optional) Use SSH tunnel option. If not specified, defaults to false.

# (Optional) Type of the remote system. Defaults to x86 Linux if not specified. 
# Specify one of the following:
# - org.eclipse.rse.systemtype.x86linux (x86 Linux). 
# - org.eclipse.rse.systemtype.powerlinux (Power Linux)

The files need to be in the StreamsStudio installation directory. The file extension must be .studioconfig.

A connection will be created for each .studioconfig file found. The file default.studioconfig will be used during initial start-up.

Streams Studio ships with a sample default.studioconfig file which you can edit.

If you are distributing Streams Studio to a set of users, you can unzip Streams Studio, edit the default.studioconfig file to define the remote connection and rezip Streams Studio. When users unzip Streams Studio and start it, the remote connection wil be predefined for them.

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