StreamsApp_64Streams Console 4.1

IBM Streams Console 4.0 has successfully helped Streams administrators around the world, to manage their Streams domain infrastructure from a single web application. With the help of streams customers and developers,  we have improved Streams Console 4.1, to extend its capabilities to also assist the streams applications developers and administrators to monitor and enhance their applications from development to production with personalized dashboards. Additionally Streams Console 4.1 has included a lightweight console fully accessible with keyboard navigation.


dashboard_32  Management Dashboard

With the ‚ÄúManagement Dashboard‚ÄĚ,¬†the system administrators¬†can conveniently control and manage Streams services, resources and instances from a web browser¬†. This¬†dashboard comes with¬†broad range of key performance indicators¬†and modern¬†visualizations that also help the¬†administrator¬†to identify areas of concern and act quickly to resolve issues within the domain. The Streams Console can be so powerful, that the administrator can also use this¬†dashboard, to configure¬†the Streams Console granular user permissions and privileges.

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Management Dashboard

How to navigate to the Management Dashboard:

  • Quick URL access:¬†https://hostname:port/streams/domain/console#management/dashboard
  • Top¬†bar access: ¬†Dashboard Name >¬†Open Dashboard > Management¬†Dashboard

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  dashboard_32  Application Dashboard

With the ‚ÄúApplication Dashboard‚ÄĚ, the underlying Streams infrastructure is hidden to provide an application focus interface and personalized experience to the¬†application administrator¬†and streams developer.¬†Users can proactively specify which streams objects are fundamental to determine the health and performance of their applications by using a dashboard filter. Each Streams user has a default Application dashboard that they can customize to fit their individual needs.

Additional to the Application Dashboard, each user can also create other application-focused dashboards and customize their content. With this capability, users can decide what information is needed to keep their applications running smoothly.

Application Dashboard 4.1

Application Dashboard

How to navigate to your Application Dashboards:

  • Quick url access:¬†https://hostname:port/streams/domain/console#application/dashboard/Application Dashboard
  • Top¬†bar access: Management Dashboard¬†> Open Dashboard > Application DashboardApplication Dashboard access


Click on the button for more information about Application Focused Dashboards :

Application Dashboards Intro


cloud_32  Streams Console Lite

With this lightweight console, the Streams application developers and administrators can quickly navigate their running applications on a fully accessible console with keyboard navigation.


How to navigate to the Streams Console Lite:

  • Quick URL access:¬†https://hostname:port/streams/domain/console#lite
  • Top¬†bar access: ¬†Dashboard Name >¬†Go to Streams Console Lite


Click on the button for more information about Streams Console Lite:

Streams Console Lite


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