We have updated the Streaming Analytics service in Bluemix today (August 13th, 2015).  This update introduced two exciting features:  SPSS Analytics Toolkit Support and a new Streams Console, specifically designed for Bluemix.

Current users of the service do not have to perform any actions to pick up the update.  This article describes the enhancements included in this beta refresh.

Enablement of the SPSS Analytics Toolkit

If you use operators from the SPSS Analytics Toolkit in in your Streams applications, these operators are now enabled in the Streaming Analytics service.  With this support, your Streams application in the cloud can perform in-stream predictive scoring on predefined SPSS models.  To use the SPSS Analytics toolkit in your application, you will need to have the the SPSS Solution Publisher product installed in the development environment that you use to develop Streams applications for deployment to the cloud.

The article Support for SPSS Analytics Toolkit in Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service describes what you need to do to use the SPSS Analytics Toolkit in your Streaming Analytics instance, and provides some code examples to get you started.

New Streams Console

The web console that you can launch from the Streaming Analytics service has changed.  The new console better-oriented to the cloud user, and focused on your individual Streams instance provided by the Streaming Analytics service.  The new console provides a shorter path to common tasks like submitting jobs, and removes a lot of the information and actions not directly related to your Streams instance in the cloud.  Below is a screen shot from the new console.


If you have been using the original Streams Console with the Streaming Analytics service, you’ll want to force a cache refresh in your browser window from the console tab (e.g. Shift-Reload or Ctrl-F5) to make sure the new version of the console is fully loaded.

If you have feedback on the new console design and capabilities, we would like to hear from you!  Please post your feedback to the Bluemix Streaming Analytics forum: https://developer.ibm.com/answers/topics/streaming-analytics.html and we will consider your suggestions for a future refresh of the service.

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