If you are new to Streams and/or to the Streaming Analytics service on IBM Cloud, this video shows you how you can quickly try both, in less than 5 minutes!

It uses the starter application from the Quick Start guide.  This application analyzes a stream of stock quotes and produces a rolling average of the prices using the Aggregate operator.  The full source for the starter application is available on GitHub, but we have made a cloud-ready version of the application available if you want to just try it first!  You just need to download the application and submit it to the Streaming Analytics service.

Watch this video to see how to:

  • Create an instance of the Streaming Analytics Service (00:22)
  • Run the starter application in the service (00:56)
  • See the actual data being processed by an application¬† (02:13)
  • Look at the applications logs and any data printed to stdout/stderr¬† (03:17)


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