Alex Cook put together these videos to provide a walk through of the installation and setup of a highly available enterprise InfoSphere Streams environment. The process has been broken down into 6 easy to follow steps starting with basic installation and finishing with submitting a job.

Installation and Setup

The environment used has 5 host resources and does not use a shared filesystem. For users who like to use a graphical user interface (GUI), the first playlist below takes you through an enterprise setup using our GUI installer, our brand new Domain Manager, and our reimagined Streams Console–the one-stop for administering your Streams environment. If you prefer to use a command line interface (CLI), the second playlist guides you through the setup using only the terminal.

If you are using a shared filesystem, you will run the streamtool registerdomainhost command on each host, instead of running the host package installer. streamtool registerdomainhost is demonstrated in Step 4.

For more information on getting your enterprise environment set up, take a look at Multi-host environment: Installing to each host and setting up a domain.


Setting up an Enterprise Streams Environment (GUI)

Setting up an Enterprise Streams Environment (CLI)

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