Hackathon starter kit

Learn before, during, and after a hackathon

Why IBM Bluemix is ideal for your hackathon apps

Compose and host your web app or mobile backend in the cloud rapidly. IBM Bluemix provides an open standards-based cloud platform and key platform APIs to enable rapid assembly of interactive applications for mobile iOS and Android devices, web, Internet-of-Things, Watson, etc.

Within the Bluemix platform, developers like you will find a range of open source and third-party languages, APIs and services like Node.js, Swift, Java, Python, PHP, GO, and more. You can focus on ideation and move easily to code. With Bluemix’s abstraction of the infrastructure layer, you can use services like Mobile Data, Push, Data Cache, Analytics Warehouse and Cloudant NoSQL Database to rapidly build, deploy, manage and scale new applications. Of course, you can bring your own runtimes and use cf command line interface.

How to get started

Complete these steps to get started building apps with Bluemix.

  1. Sign up for IBM Bluemix at
  2. Watch a short, introductory video (above) and a more indepth getting started with Bluemix video.
  3. Pick a learning lab from the table below that uses your favorite language, API, and services.
  4. Tweet with your brags, including #bluemix, #WatsonIOT, and/or #IBMWatson.

Learning labs

Select from these labs and other resources to practice creating apps using your favorite language, API, and services.

Lab or resource Topic IDEs or kits Python? Java? Swift? C#? Javascript? PHP? Multiple?
Swift Sandbox without a MAC Mobile Y
IOT QuickStart with Simulated Sensor and IoT recipes IOT Y
Internet of Things (IoT) Edison Lab IOT Intel Edison
Watson Labs Watson Y
Watson Tone Analyzer Watson Y
Watson Tradeoff Analytics Watson Y
Watson Text to Speech Watson Y
MobileFirst IBM mobile development and Getting Started Mobile Y
AT&T APIs including voice, video, messaging, and sponsored data Mobile AT&T APIs
Video of using Node Red to build Amazon Echo app Node Red
Self-paced cloud development class from Avnet Academy Class
JAVA self-paced class Class Y
Watson Developer Cloud Demo Labs Watson Y
Watson Image Analysis Watson Y
Watson Personalized Recommendations Watson Y
Watson Conversational Insights Watson Y
Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to Explore IOT Y
Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Car Lab IOT, Node Red Y
IoT Simulated Temperature Sensor Lab IOT, Node Red Y
Camera app with Python, Raspberry Pi, Cloudant Data Raspberry Pi Y
Mobile Cloud and Cloudant Hello World Mobile
Nutrition app with PHP, AngularJS, MySQL and Nutritionix API Y
Container app with Node.js, Express, Apache CouchDB, Cloudant, Nano, jTable Container Y
Data mining app with Weka, an open-source machine learning tool, and Analytics for Warehouse service Analytics Y
Building an Android Mobile App Using Mobile Cloud Boilerplate Mobile Android Y
Extending Mobile App with Push Notification Mobile Android Y
Build an iOS app and the MobileFirst Platform with DevOps Mobile iOS Y
Android app using AppScan Mobile Analyzer to scan for and fix security vulnerabilities Mobile Android, AppScan
Bluemix Node-Red App for Twitter to show Watson Personality Trait Node Red, Watson Twitter
Sortable and searchable list of demos for Bluemix Demos Y
Connected home-automation app IOT, Node Red Raspberry Pi, MQTT Y
Connected car and Android app that uses GeoSpatial Analytics IOT, Node Red Android, MQTT, DevOps Y
Build a Fitbit step-contest app that uses MySQL, Twitter, and Twilio services with Fitbit IOT Twitter, Twilio Y

Additional resources

Refer to these additional resources to grow your cloud-development and Bluemix skills.