What is IBM offering?

IBM is offering active learners the opportunity to access services/service levels which may not otherwise be available though the free, no time limit, public cloud Lite plan. Applying the code will convert your IBM Cloud account type from Lite to Trial. Trial account users are entitled to access the free service levels ($Free Plan) as defined in the Standard pricing plan for each service. Trial accounts do not require credit card information. Additionally, the code you have received will increase your memory allocation up to 2 GB.

Compare and learn more about $Free Plan vs $Lite Plan services.

The code can only be applied to accounts which have the status of Lite or Trial. If you have already converted to a Pay-As-You-Go or are associated with a Subscription account you don’t need this code! You already have access the free service levels ($Free Plan) and you’ll only be charged for payable resources that you use.

Note that accounts which are converted from Lite to Trial will be expired at the end of the trial/promotional period if a new code is not applied which extends the account.

Why is IBM offering this?

We recognize that you may need access to additional resources to learn and explore how the IBM Cloud platform can enable innovation. With this offer, you can quickly develop and deploy applications in the most popular programming languages including mobile apps for iOS, Android, and HTML with JavaScript. You can also gain experience creating innovative solutions with access to data & analytics, Watson and IOT services.

Now that I have a code, how/where do I enter it?

To apply a code:

  1. When you are logged-in, look for the IBM Cloud console options in the upper right corner of your screen. Select to Manage > Billing and Usage > Billing.
  2. Select “Apply Code” in the Feature & Promo Code field, enter the code and hit apply.
  3. Refresh your account information. The “Account Type” should now say “Trial” and display the number of days remaining in Trial.

What types of cloud services are being made available?

IBM regularly creates services and publishes them for use on the IBM Cloud. Through this offer, you will have access to a wide range of IBM services as they become available. As stated above those who qualify for and apply a code to their IBM Cloud account will convert their account type from Lite to Trial. Trial account users are entitled to access the free service levels ($Free Plan) as defined in the Standard pricing plan for each service. Service levels (storage, API calls, …) vary by service and not all services have a $Free Plan.

You can find a complete list of services with a $Free Plan by clicking on $Free Plan in the filter list. You can then click on the service name in the left column to view the exact service level available for that service.

Note that infrastructure services typically do NOT have free service levels. Also, note that terms for Third Party services vary. As stated in the Cloud Notices, it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any non-IBM product, program, or service.

Are getting started and learning/training materials available?

Yes, please take a look at these resources:

Where can I find examples of how to create an application on the IBM Cloud?

Here are some good places to start:

  • Deploying your first app
  • Getting started with Watson and IBM Cloud
  • Watson IOT
  • Working with data
  • IBM Blockchain platform
  • Building cloud native projects
  • Are there local/on-line training events?

    Check the IBM Code Events and the IBM Cloud Events calendar for the latest training and enablement opportunities.

    How does IBM Cloud provide access to account and/or technical support?

    The best way to get support is to visit the Support Center on the IBM Cloud site. Here you will find links to faqs, status reports, troubleshooting, forums and if needed you can open/manage a ticket.

    Additional support documentation can be found at Getting Customer Support.

    How do I get help with my Cloud account if it is expired?

    If your account becomes expired/locked at the end of the trial period, we encourage you to convert to pay-as-you-go account. Upgrading comes with the assurance that you will pay only for what you use beyond the free allowances you have been accessing from your Trial account.

    Converting from a Trial to a Lite may also be an option, but is dependent on the services and service levels in use when your Trial expired. Create an account support ticket on the IBM Cloud Service Portal and request help to convert your Trial account back to a Lite account status.