Wow! What a week! / What a Friday!


We are so happy everyone is as excited as we are about  We built the IBM Swift Sandbox to better enable us all to get a taste of Swift in the Cloud.  It is an exciting time to be in our industry and especially be anywhere near Swift.

It will take a community to bring Swift fully into the cloud and we are happy to play our part.  The Swift development community is the same community that is helping build the applications that are, literally, changing the way we live our lives.  We think there are endless possibilities here. We hope you think the sandbox is as fun as we do and that it also empowers and inspires our collective creativity.

We also appreciate your patience.  So far it looks like you like it!  So we are scaling our IBM Swift Sandbox to keep up with the demand and the excitement we are seeing. Please continue to support by getting involved and stay tuned here at for more developments from us.

Next up for the IBM Swift Sandbox:

  • Scaling up to handle the Swift-level of Excitement
  • Sharing: Create, snapshot and share Swift code (similar to JSFiddle) to better enable the Development Community to Share Answers, Tips and Tricks
  • Bringing new Swift goodies into the Sandbox
  • We will also be posting more blogs from the team on Lessons learned in “Dockerizing” Swift and Developing the Swift Samples on Linux.

Until then, enjoy the sandbox and keep your feedback coming!

Patrick Bohrer (@pbohrer), DE, IBM Swift Engineering at the MIL

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