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We are thrilled to see people using the IBM Swift Sandbox. Whether you are an early explorer, writing your first lines of Swift code, or an experienced Swift developer, testing out your code on Linux, we hope you are enjoying the sandbox. We are rolling out a couple new features in this release and we hope you find them useful.

Light Theme and Dark Theme

With the release of Star Wars, we decided it is important to let developers decide whether or not they want to be on the Dark Side. We now have both a Dark Theme and a Light Theme. We hope you like them and choose wisely.


Code Snapshots and Sharing!

Creating code in the Sandbox is fun but what if you want to share this code with friends, ask/answer questions on sites like StackOverflow with real working examples or just save your code for later ? Well now you can. The Sandbox now provides a menu option at the top called Share Code. This feature will create an immutable snapshot of your code and provide you with a unique URL to link to your saved code in the sandbox.


More to Come

We hope you like these new features and stay tuned as we have more on the way.

Patrick Bohrer (@pbohrer), DE, IBM Swift Engineering at the MIL

1 comment on"What’s new in the IBM Swift Sandbox v0.3"

  1. Clement Lakhal December 23, 2015

    Hi! You did an amazing job with the IBM Swift Sandbox 🙂

    PS: I think that there is a small bug concerning the Boolean syntax highlighting. It’s the “bool” spelling that gets orange instead of “Bool”.

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