Today, IBM is announcing the next step on our journey bringing Swift to the Cloud. Previewing a Swift Runtime and a Swift Package Catalog enables developers to create apps for the enterprise making IBM is now the first cloud provider to enable the development of applications in native Swift, server-side. This is important news for any business leader who views software as a strategic asset and more information can be found on IBM.com/Bluemix/Swift.

Swift is a powerful, intuitive, and modern programming language. Unlocking its full end-to-end potential will radically simplify the development of apps. When the code first moved to open source in December of last year, I mentioned how much our engineers like working with it. Our enthusiasm is a direct result of our experience working with Swift, building MobileFirst for iOS Industry Solutions.

As I noted then, our engineering teams like that the applications developed in Swift require less code — a lot less code. And they love the reduction in defects they see when they use the language in conjunction with Xcode. From the developer tool perspective, the integrated Xcode environment is proving invaluable in helping to optimize our applications with instruments support. The language syntax improves code legibility, which increases our sharing of code snippets, meaning we can do more in less time.

The development community is enthusiastically contributing to Swift.org – IBM engineers included. Focusing on first extending the benefits of this popular programming language to the server, we’ve been contributing to concurrency efforts and the libdispatch project.

In addition we are releasing some new developer aids, including an early version of the Swift Package Catalog. Package management is a critical feature for code sharing, managing dependencies, component versioning, and distribution. Creating new packages for accessing IBM Cloud services will help streamline developers’ use of Swift for IBM’s cloud services. Since the project began developers around the world have been creating and contributing packages. The new Swift Package Catalog from IBM makes finding and using these packages, easier for developers. You can read more about the full set of technologies and how they can help enable collaboration across the community here.

We are, still, by all measure at the beginning of our journey. We will continue to contribute to Swift.org, build packages, and refine the end-to-end Swift development experience. We hope developers will continue to find the IBM Swift Sandbox valuable. You can track our progress and leverage all of the Swift assets, here, on our Swift@IBM devCenter. As we share our journey with you, we hope that the developer community finds the tools and technologies useful in helping us all share Swift best practices, packages, libraries, and of course Swift code.


(If you want to read the full text you can find it here )

5 comments on"Swift moves to the Cloud: a development perspective[revisited]"

  1. Awesome! It’s great to see IBM pushing forward with Swift! Keep it up John!

  2. I really hope Swift becomes a popular cross-platform language. It really is quite elegant.

  3. Great work John and team! Next, it would be awesome if we can run programs on cloud hardware. Accessing virtual GPUs with Swift would be a first!

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  5. Kaelin Colclasure March 19, 2016

    ?? IBM!

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