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IBM introduced the world to the IBM Swift Package Catalog a few weeks ago. You can read more about the IBM Swift Package Catalog in our introductory blog post. Since then, the community has been busy submitting packages and we have been busy making some updates to the catalog itself. With the 0.1.1 release, we’ve squashed some bugs (thanks to the community who reached out and let me know about the issues) and added new features (both large and small).

Specifically, we’ve worked on improving overall performance and some of you will agree, we improved the repository submission. At launch, we were a little overzealous with our front-end repository validation. As a result some submitters weren’t able to add a couple of valid repository names. Fortunately, the back-end fully supported these repositories, so we were able to manually register the repositories for the developers who were impacted.

We’ve updated the front-end so that all links are parsed with the same logic as the back end. If the link is invalid you will get the following error:

invalid repository

If the repository is being tracked, you will get the following message:

existing repository

If the link is valid and not being tracked, you will see the following message:

repository submission success

Once the link has been submitted, we will check the repository to ensure that it is a valid Swift package and update the catalog soon after.

What’s Next?

Like we said last time, keep up the great work building new packages and we hope that you find this useful. Meanwhile, we are working hard to build out more features and we’re listening on twitter for your feedback to help guide future development. Enjoy!

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