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Kitura, the Swift web framework that IBM released as open source during the InterConnect 2016 conference, has generated even more interest than we could have possibly expected! In just 3 weeks it has received nearly 2,500 stars on GitHub and has been forked over 100 times. It is already one of the most popular Swift libraries conforming to Swift Package Manager conventions on GitHub.

Swift@IBM has been hard at work improving Kitura. Version 0.4.0, which was released today, has several important new features and enhancements:

  • Route control has been significantly improved. Wildcards in routes are now supported, and route error handling has been improved. In addition, there is now a default landing page for undefined routes.
  • In support of our continuing commitment to keep pace with the latest Swift language developments, we’ve switched to the official XCTest and Grand Central Dispatch frameworks. This release of Kitura has been tested with the March 1 Swift language development snapshot.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we’ve made Kitura easier to consume. Documentation has been greatly improved, the install process has been simplified, and more test cases have been created.

In the immediate future we will continue to improve consumability by making Kitura easier to deploy in the cloud, as well as continuing our efforts to eliminate system-level dependencies.

We want to thank everyone in the Swift community who has contributed to Kitura so far! Keep those pull requests coming.

We value your input – what other features would you like to see us work on for Kitura? Let us know in the comments below. We also monitor Twitter traffic with the hashtag #kitura.

If you are new to Kitura you can learn more about it on our main Kitura page, and also get a brief tutorial in this post.

2 comments on"Kitura Version 0.4.0 released"

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  2. Hi Randy,

    appreciate your post. I have been looking for a discussion group where the community can discuss Kitura related issues
    – Kitura roadmap
    – Kitura implementation details

    Any chance of setting up a kitura-dev and kitura-users mailing list (google groups?)

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