Swift 3.0 is the first (major) release since Swift was open sourced and it includes support for LinuxONE. It represents a big milestone in the evolution of the language and makes it ready for the high demands of the modern digital enterprise. IBM has been highly involved in Swift, participating in the development of the language with the wider open source community. The major goal of IBM’s contribution is to bring Swift to the server/cloud environment, both IBM Cloud and LinuxONE, a system that is built for data with security as one of the major design points.

Have you ever wondered about IBM’s position when it comes to supporting Swift on its enterprise server platforms? Have you ever wondered what is unique about LinuxONE server? If you did, then you need to read this article “Mobile enterprise development: An end-to-end solution” to get more details on how IBM is simplifying end-to-end application development by bringing Swift 3.0 to LinuxONE server to satisfy the increasing demands of enterprise clients.

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