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Let’s connect at WWDC and AltConf



We’re excited to be the platinum sponsor at AltConf 2017, with a very active agenda during the week of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). To help make your week even better, the Swift@IBM team is sponsoring some exciting events, including a meetup, free hands-on workshops, and a birds-of-a-feather. We would love to connect around Swift, Mobile, AI, IoT, and other great topics so be sure to drop by our booth at AltConf or participate in one of our side events.


2 days of Free Workshops
Bring your Mac and explore the latest in Server Side Swift, Swift & Watson, and IoT. Bring TJBot to life with Watson services. Experience these technologies through free hands-on workshops June 7-8 at the Hyatt Place hotel.


Check out these Swift@IBM AltConf sessions
Full-stack Swift in 30 minutes
The introduction of Swift on the server gave the promise of being able to easily build, deliver and own the whole user experience and the solution, not just the iOS app. Building a backend however introduces many new technologies and terms, from server, cloud and Swagger definitions, to Docker and Kubernetes. This session will show you how easy it can be, demonstrating how to build a Swift Server application and connect to it from an iOS app in under 30 minutes.
Speakers: Patrick Bohrer and Chris Bailey
Date/time: Tuesday, June 6 @ 3:00 pm

By Zeus! Become an Application God with Serverless Swift
In April, Meyume Ltd released “Weather Gods”: an app that enables users to receive custom, personalised, push notifications about the weather. As well as providing rich visualisations, graphics and audio allowing you to see hear and feel the weather, Weather Gods is unique in being built using an fully Serverless backend and being written entirely in Swift. In this session we’ll introduce you to Serverless, how to build serverless backends in Swift, and show you how the Weather Gods app was built.
Speaker: Ian Partridge
Date/time: Wednesday, June 7 @ 1:00 pm


Join us for a Swift on Linux Birds of a Feather!
Let’s flock together on the topic of everything Swift on Linux, Thursday afternoon, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm. at the Hyatt Place Hotel. There is a limit of 70 attendees for this “BoF , so sign up soon.”

Let’s hang out and talk Server Side Swift —
Sold Out
Join your Server Side Swift peers and the Swift@IBM team for some great discussions, adult beverages, and more, Tuesday, June 6 from 8-10 pm in the AltConf facilities. There is a limit of 100 attendees for this party so get signed up soon!



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Can’t make it to San Jose?
You can still experience the latest Swift, Watson, and more on the IBM Cloud. Fork real code and learn how to build an iOS app in Swift, using Computer Vision, Cloudant & Weather data. Code your own mobile app enabled with these cloud services

Continue the conversation with our Swift@IBM development team and other like-minded developers on our public Slack channel. Start engaging now on Slack

Increase your end-to-end Swift skills in this course from our partners @ Udacity
Udacity and IBM have partnered to create this free course that enables developers to become server-side (full-stack) Swift developers. With in-depth content featuring experts like Patrick Bohrer (technical lead for Swift at IBM) and Hashicorp’s Nic Jackson, the course is ideal for iOS developers and traditional full-stack developers. Graduates will be able to develop and deploy Swift applications that run in the cloud, and have a solid grasp of the principles of microservice-based architecture, infrastructure as code, cloud deployment to IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku.

Find out more about the course


Explore Server Side Swift through a new course from our partners @ Udemy
Top iOS instructor, Mark Price, recently created an IBM-endorsed course that will propel you to full-stack engineer. “Server API Development in Swift, Kitura, & IBM Cloud” is built for iOS developers who want to build APIs in Swift, new programmers who want to start learning APIs in Swift and mobile developers who want to build a back-end API for their app. After completing this course, you’ll be able to deploy APIs on IBM Cloud and build iOS app that can communicate with Kitura API. Join over 100,000 students learning from Mark Price and level up in Swift, Kitura, and IBM Cloud.

Find out more about the course


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