Need a free way to develop Swift for Linux on z Systems? IBM Toolkit for Swift – Linux on z Systems V3.0 Community Edition is a no charge, on-premises solution for developing Swift applications. It includes a Swift 3.1.1 compiler and is a fully functional product for developers who do not need official IBM support. Although the Community Edition does not supply official IBM support, you may give feedback on Slack ( #loz). Learn how to download and install the Community Edition below.

Download and install

If you have purchased IBM Z hardware, you can get the latest version of the Community Edition as a tarball at the IBM developerWorks website using the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the download page on developerWorks
  2. Click the “Download Community Edition” button on the left
  3. Follow the prompts to download the tarball
  4. Transfer the tarball to your IBM Z hardware
  5. Install the Community Edition by following the instructions in the README.FIRST file

Note: Only the latest version of the Community Edition is available on developerWorks. Swift V3.0 will no longer be available on developerWorks if it is superseded by a newer release.

If you have not purchased IBM Z hardware, you can access the hardware free of charge; try the Swift Sandbox (at the bottom right, click on Settings, then choose LinuxONE). You can also try the LinuxONE community server.

See our Marketplace website for more information about IBM Toolkit for Swift – Linux on z Systems. Please let us know what you think about the Community Edition in the comments!

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