Next week I’m going to be presenting at iOSCon 2018 in London, one of the UK’s leading conferences for mobile developers. The topic of my talk is Codable, one of the headline features in Swift 4.

There have been many articles and talks about Codable and my aim is to present a comprehensive overview of the Codable system, showing how its powerful serialisation features can be used in any app.

The key use case for Codable is interaction with remote web APIs (especially RESTful APIs) so I’ll cover that in detail, including tips on how to handle things when APIs change, as they inevitably do.

Codable is also being rapidly adopted in the server-side Swift community, and I’ll show how new features in IBM’s Kitura web framework use Codable, enabling rapid development of type-safe web APIs.

I’ll also talk about how you might write your own Encoder or Decoder to convert to and from a custom format, taking the example of an Encoder and Decoder implemented recently in Kitura 2.2.

There are new enhancements to Codable coming in Swift 4.1 which make working with remote APIs even easier, I’ll cover those too so you’re 100% up to speed on the latest improvements to Swift!

I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in London next week. IBM is also going to have a stand at the conference so stop by to talk server-side Swift with the team (and pick up a few freebies!).

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