You spoke, and we listened!

We’ve acted on feedback gathered during a number of our recent events and on our Slack channel and made some improvements to our getting started process.

Kitura macOS application

You can now create Kitura projects on macOS without having to venture into the terminal. Introducing our new Kitura macOS application, allowing you to scaffold Kitura applications at the click of a button!

Kitura macOS application main screen

There are currently two templates offered:
Skeleton: a basic ‘Hello World!’ Kitura server, ideal if you’re trying out server-side Swift for the first time.
Starter: a Kitura server ready for your application code, complete with a performance dashboard and health REST API. It also comes ready with the files needed to easily deploy your application to Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and Docker based cloud environments.

Click here to download the app and try it for yourself!

Kitura command-line interface improvements

We’re also aware of the pain of downloading anything over conference Wi-Fi, especially when it’s something you need for a workshop. In v0.0.11 of the Kitura command-line interface, you should see the kitura init command generating your projects much more quickly as it no longer downloads the Kitura server generator from NPM. We’re looking at improving the other commands too, with an end goal of having the entire CLI tool written in Swift!

If you haven’t tried out the command-line tools yet, you can install them using homebrew or npm by following these instructions.

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