IBM Toolkit Swift on z/OS – July 2018 Update

We would like to announce a new update for IBM Toolkit Swift on z/OS. Please visit the IBM Toolkit for Swift on z/OS Mainframe Products Site to download the latest update.

In this update, we are introducing the following updates and changes:

  • Runtime performance improvements (benchmarks comparable or better than X86)
  • EBCDIC codepage enhancements (EBCDIC 037 support added)
  • Swift Package Manager improvements (Informative diagnostic messages)
  • SwiftyJSON added to shipped packages (JSON Parser/Generator)
  • Example added: IBM Kitura RESTful web service with backend calling z/OS Connect. A related article is available here
  • SSL CA now packaged with Swift on z/OS, enabling remote https swift packages (eg.
  • DB2 package functional improvements
  • -g (DWARF Debug generation) support added
  • .loc annotations added in assembly output (use -g and -emit-assembly)
  • Foundation library functionality improvements: RunLoop timer improvements


We are always looking forward to hearing your feedback on the IBM Toolkit Swift on z/OS. You can report feedback via these methods:
Issue in github:

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