IBM Toolkit for Swift on z/OS, V4.2 Community Edition, February 2019 Update

We are pleased to announce a new February 2019 update for the IBM Toolkit for Swift on z/OS, V4.2. It is available as a no charge download here.

Details of the new release:

  • Improvements to EBCDIC-1047/037 support (see example/fileio/ in installation)
  • VSAM KSDS sample Swift library (see example/vsam/ in installation)
  • Improved performance and reliability of libdispatch library
  • Several examples updated (c-swiftstring, lib-example, args, interact, fileio)
  • Improved functionality of Kitura/Swift
  • Download

    What is Swift?

    Swift is a modern programming language that focuses on 4 key design principles: safety, performance, modern software design, and language conciseness.

    Swift is designed to make writing programs easier for developers by ensuring that code is written in a safe manner. Swift prevents undefined behavior typically exhibited at run time by catching such issues early at compile time. Type-safety plays a major role in Swift.

    Swift is a statically compiled language, akin to COBOL, C, and C++. It differs from these languages in that memory is managed by the Swift run time. Its modern features are what separate Swift from other statically compiled languages.

    Swift has a large community of libraries and tools, which are a critical part of the Swift ecosystem. The Swift Package Manager is a build management system that can be used to leverage existing libraries from the Swift community and enhance your applications.

    IBM Toolkit for Swift on z/OS presents a safe and modern compiler that can be used to extend or replace existing z/OS assets.


    We always look forward to hearing your feedback on the IBM Toolkit Swift on z/OS. You can report feedback via any of these methods:

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