Shmuel Kallner

I am a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Smart Client Platforms group in the IBM Research Lab in Haifa Israel. Currently I am the Technical lead of the Kitura project. Kitura is an open source web framework for Swift 3 being written as part of the Swift@IBM initiative. Kitura runs on multiple platforms including Linux and macOS. I have many years of experience working with both the server and client sides of client-server applications and client-server application tools.

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Working with WebSockets in a Kitura based server

Historically Web Servers respond to requests sent to them using HTTP. These requests are sent over a TCP/IP socket. The response to one of these...

Writing a WebSocket based chat server using Kitura

Introduction In this blog article I’d like to describe the building of a simple chat server using Kitura and Kitura-WebSocket. The server will support multiple...

Serving content written in Markdown using Kitura

Web applications serve HTML content. Much of this content makes up the various pages of the application. Such HTML is either hand written by developers...

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