Sangeeth Sivakumar

Senior Application Developer, IBM Sweden

I am a techno passionate guy and very much interested in Application Development and heavy coding. I am a Senior Application Developer from IBM India, working for iOS Application Projects currently. I am also working with experts and architects to strengthen full stack developer skills.

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Asynchronous Programming in Server-Side Swift using GCD and OperationQueue

In enterprise businesses, microservices are designed according to best architectural practice and implemented to deliver the business solution in the form of services. These services...

Kitura/iOS: Rapid Prototyping with a farm of Microservice – A modularized approach

I’m an iOS App developer and Swift Programmer. That said, in my opinion, opening the Swift language to server side development is the best contribution...

Core ML with iOS/Kitura Swift
: A comparison study with Watson Service

At WWDC2017, Apple announced iOS 11 along with a new AI based framework, Core ML. Core ML would move the iOS app development to the...

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