Taylor Franklin

I have been working on iOS mobile apps since iOS 6, gaining experience with Objective-C and Swift. My main focus has been iOS Mobile App Development, but I also have experience with client-side web apps and server-side apps using Swift. I currently work on the Swift@IBM team in Austin primarily working with Swift server-side applications. I hold a bachelors of science in Computer Science from Abilene Christian University.

Transition to Server-Side Swift with BluePic

In order to demonstrate the possibilities a developer has using open source Swift, IBM built the open sourced demo application known as BluePic. This article will provide you with an overview of the technologies BluePic uses and how it leverages server-side Swift. BluePic is a photo sharing application for viewing, posting, and searching for images posted by others. This application takes advantage of Swift in a typical iOS client setting, but also on the server-side using the new Swift web framework and HTTP Server, Kitura.  Continue reading Transition to Server-Side Swift with BluePic