Server(less) Swift @ FrenchKit 2017

Not only is Server Side Swift a reality but in many cases, Serverless Swift, is a great option. Recently IBM Distinguished Engineer and Server Side Swift lead architect, Chris Bailey, gave a talk on Server(less) Swift at the FrenchKit 2017 conference.

Developer Journey: Server Side Swift with Auto-scaling

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This 10 minute video showcases the Auto-scaling service in the IBM Cloud to support Server Side Swift (Kitura) based applications. Auto-scaling can add new instances of an application under heavy load, and remove instances of an application during calmer periods. This video showcases the new Swift Enterprise Demo which is designed to provide artificially created stress on various metrics so as to trigger the Auto-Scaling Service into action. Be sure to check out the associated developer journey for more details on this demo and server side Swift (Explore the Journey).

Swift@IBM’s presence @AltConf & WWDC 2017

Sonny Werghis, Swift@IBM Offering Manager, discusses IBM’s sponsorship and support of AltConf 2017 and everything Server Side Swift with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices.

Swift@IBM Engineers at WWDC 2016

While the Swift language makes it easy to write software that is incredibly fast and safe by design, Swift being open source means you can use it on an even broader range of platforms, from mobile devices to the desktop and in the cloud. Come for an overview of available projects at and examples of the community in action.

Swift@IBM was a Silver Sponsor of AltConf2016

Swift is a robust language for mobile but cloud development opens the door to new opportunities for today’s top app developers. Integrating projects to backend systems can sometimes be problematic, requiring new tools and skills. It doesn’t have to be; end-to-end Swift opens the door to radically simpler app dev so we can all focus on the engagement. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to work with Swift on the server with the IBM Swift Sandbox and introduce our IBM Cloud Tools for Swift beta app, which simplifies the management and deployment of server-side assets using a local development environment and complements a Swift developer’s familiar Xcode environment.

IBM DeveloperConnect India – Outthink Limits

In a world being rewritten in code, developers are the new builders, impacting the way people work, live and play. To deliver innovation in this rapidly evolving planet, developers need to stay on top of current technologies and outthink limits. On June 17th, 2016, Mike Gilfix, VP of IBM Cloud, Mobile and Business Transformation, joined other keynote speakers in Bangalore, to discuss why end-to-end Swift and API management are two of today’s must-have developer technologies.

More Swift@IBM Videos, Demos and Presentations

Swift@IBM joins the growing Swift London collaborative community of developers of all abilities and backgrounds, who want to learn about Swift. Run by enthusiasts, this not-for-profit livestreams their meetups. Our UK engineers joined the fun in June 2016. Check out these sessions on the Swift London YouTube channel

Check out the Swift London Meetup

Main presentation
Panel Discussion
weather bot

Watson Weather Bot for Slack

Learn to write a Slack bot in Swift using Kitura. The Watson Weather Bot answers questions about the current weather conditions. The Watson Natural Language Classifier is used to train a model mapping the incoming question text to a set of question types. The Insights for Weather service is then used to return answers to questions such as the current temperature or more detailed weather condition reports.

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift Demo – June 2016 Demo

On a Mac? Want ot get and run sample code quickly? In this demo, Brian White Eagle (@bweagle) shows how to use IBM Cloud Tools for Swift to deploy a sample end-to-end photo sharing app in minutes.

Grab the tool here:

Some Perspectives on Swift and

Swift@IBM Listen in as John Ponzo, IBM Fellow and CTO of Mobile, joins Angel Diaz, IBM VP of Cloud Architecture and Technology, discuss Swift and December 2015