Downloads and Tools

IBM Cloud App Service

A web-based console for building Cloud-Native apps as a team. Choose from a collection of Starter-Kits to fast tracks your app development. Automatically configure your dev, test and production environments, and manage your automated builds, tests and deployments.

IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

An extensible command driven interface for creating, developing, and deploying a web project, ideal for developers that would like to use command line control to develop end-to-end microservice applications.

VSCode Plugin

A VSCode IDE extension that provides capabilities for the IBM Cloud Developer Tools cli from directly within the VS Code editor. Use the VS Code command palette to quickly access all bx dev commands, without the need to leave the editor’s context.

Cloud Foundry Buildpack

An open source Swift Cloud Foundry buildpack powered by the Swift Package Manager (SPM). Optimized for the IBM Cloud, but can be used on any Cloud Foundry environment.

Docker Container

An open source Swift Ubuntu Docker Container optimized for the IBM Cloud Container Service, but can be used on any Docker or Kubernetes environment.

Kitura CLI

An open source CLI that uses a Yeoman-based generator for creating REST backends based on the Kitura web framework with the Swift language.

Swift Metric

An open source library to instrument the Swift runtime for performance monitoring, providing the monitoring data programatically via an API or visually with an Eclipse Client.

Swift Package Catalog

Discover the many new libraries, modules, and packages being created for use with the Swift Package Manager.

Sample projects

Kitura Web App Starter-Kit

Build, customize and deploy a Kitura web app in minutes using this IBM Cloud App Service Starter-Kit.

Kitura Backend Starter-Kit

Build, customize and deploy a Kitura backend in minutes using this IBM Cloud App Service Starter-Kit.


Discover sample code journeys of recommended solutions for different use cases

Kitura Sample

Basic Kitura sample that demonstrates the key features of the Kitura web framework.

Cognitive Concierge

An end-to-end Swift sample with an iOS front end and a Kitura back end that demonstrates how to pull in a number of different Watson services.

To-Do List

A sample application that demonstrates how to use the Kitura Swift framework for building an app that interacts with a Non-Relational database.