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What is Swift?

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language. It’s increasingly popular because writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. If you’re new to Swift, check out the tour here.

What is is the open source community where developers may collaborate on the Swift programming language.

How can I get involved and make contributions to

Come join the conversation at We’ll be there. We encourage you to check it out too! Regardless of whether you’re just staying up to date on what’s happening, submitting a bug, or contributing core functionality, the information on how to get started is at

Will IBM be contributing to

Glad you asked! Yes. Absolutely. You can read more about what we are hoping to contribute to the project in our blogs.

So, what is this developerWorks Swift at IBM portal about?

Swift@IBM is the premier resource for all things Swift on IBM developerWorks. This is where developers may catch up on what the IBM Swift engineers are working on, what we are thinking about, and how we are using Swift in our solutions.

We’ve been using Swift to code for over a year and half and during this time, our enthusiasm has grown. We’ve seen that the applications developed in Swift require less code—a lot less code. And we love the reduction in defects we see when we use the language in conjunction with Xcode. From the developer tool perspective, the integrated Xcode environment is proving excellent in helping to optimize our applications with instruments support. The language syntax improves code legibility, which increases our sharing of code snippets, meaning we can do more in less time.

We use it more and more and we continue to experiment on what’s possible. We want to share this with you, here.

Swift on the Server

Can I run Swift on the server side?

Yes! Swift can be executed in the Mac, Linux, and cloud environments. Check out the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift to see it in action in the cloud. For easy deployment of your Xcode apps directly to the cloud try our 3-click, ‘clone, build, push’ IBM Cloud Tools for Swift.

Is there a production ready HTTP Server written in Swift?

Yes! Visit our home page or Github to get your first server up and running in under 3 minutes on the Mac or Linux.

Swift Sandbox

What is the Swift Sandbox?

The IBM Swift Sandbox is a playground for you to experiment with Swift running on the server, in either a Linux or Mac host environment. Start with one of the predefined snippets, and customize to your heart’s desire. Then hit “run” to execute your Swift code on the server.

Why are there restrictions on the IBM Swift Sandbox?

We get it, lots of people are very excited to test out Swift on the server and see what is possible. We’ve put restrictions in place on the IBM Swift Sandbox to prevent abuse of the system at the expense of others. Restrictions to the IBM Swift Sandbox are:

--net=none --ulimit data=134217728:134217728 --ulimit locks=5:5 --ulimit fsize=13421 7728:134217728 --ulimit rss=134217728:134217728 --ulimit nproc=10:10 --ulimit cpu=6:6 -m 128M

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