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Reinvent the legal contract business using IBM Blockchain Platform

Learn how to easily implement connected contracting (available in GitHub) using the IBM Blockchain Platform. As you may know, legal contracts are integral to just about every business processes, especially given the many transactions involving goods and services. By definition, a contract is a legally binding agreement where mistakes — even honest ones — can occur. Blockchain is transforming the exchange of assets to a model based on a business network using a distributed ledger.

The code pattern Connected contracting: Using off-chain smart contracts to manage a supply chain illustrates how a legal agreement, such as a shipping contract, can be automated through the use of trusted data from the IBM Blockchain Platform. This use case demonstrates how using legal contracts in the food industry can be applied to a supply chain involving perishable goods. Using the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan, a developer can quickly set up a network, configure it to use the Clause Platform to build and execute a smart contract, and run this all within an application built on top of Angular. Once you understand how to automate this use case, you can apply it to any industry using legal contracting.

Ready to give it a try? Check out the pattern and let us know how it goes.