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Earn a badge with the new IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer course

The IBM Blockchain team has been busy working on several new activities to help developers learn how to build, operate, and grow Hyperledger Fabric networks with the IBM Blockchain Platform:

  • A set of comprehensive developer tutorials that teach developers how to build Hyperledger Fabric smart contracts and applications using the IBM Blockchain Platform. These tutorials, shipped as part of the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, start from complete basics and lead developers through the entire lifecycle of blockchain development, including build, debug, test, deploy, and upgrade.

  • A new IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer course and badge that allows developers to demonstrate their understanding of Hyperledger Fabric development. The course makes full use of the new tutorials in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, and the resulting badge rewards developers for completing them. The badge is fully accredited by IBM and is part of the Acclaim open badge platform that recognizes professional success.

  • A weekly webcast to share expertise on blockchain and educate both current and prospective developers on the capabilities of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

These new activities are part of a significant new initiative from IBM to make it easier for people to learn and adopt blockchain technologies. The team is already working on the next phase of tutorials and badges, which will help practitioners develop their blockchain skills further. These include the ability to easily connect to existing blockchain test networks running on IBM Blockchain Platform.

With blockchain the most in-demand job skill in 2020, there’s never been a better time to get started with blockchain development. Download the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension or jump straight to the IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer course, and get up to speed on this exciting new technology today.