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COBOL Fridays: Let’s talk syntax — COBOL structure and file handling

Over the next few weeks in our COBOL Fridays webinar series, we will focus on syntax. Join us as we get down to the nitty gritty of COBOL.

In this webinar, broadcast on May 1, the one and only Captain COBOL (Tom Ross) helps you get started with COBOL. He walks through the basic structure of COBOL programs, some statements unique to COBOL, and some coding best practices. He then takes a deep dive into code he wrote to teach himself COBOL, which helps elaborate on the topic of file handling in COBOL and Job Control Language (JCL).

This webinar gives you an opportunity to learn firsthand some programming best practices, pitfalls, and answers to commonly asked questions about JCL. If you are wondering whether JCL is required to write COBOL programs, this webinar is for you!

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