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OSCON 2019 is almost here, and it's going to be a great conference. From our 'coding for good' events to book signings to a 5K…

OSCON 2019 is almost here (July 15 – 18, 2019), and it’s going to be a great conference. From our “coding for good” events to book signings to a 5K and all the open source talks in between — we’re excited to connect with you.

A few of our key labs, talks, and meetups are about machine learning, data science, and AI with Watson and TensorFlow, blockchain, natural language processing in Python, Kubernetes, serverless, LinuxONE, and more. Come see these technologies in action, chat with the developers who built the tech, and see how you can contribute in an open source environment.

Use your open source skills for good: Call for Code Quick Lab

Have you ever wanted to use your coding skills to the solve important problems facing humanity? In 2018, more than 100k developers built over 2,500 apps to address the impact of natural disasters using open technology in Call for Code.

And now it’s your turn to get involved! During OSCON 2019, IBM invites you to get involved through a series of Call for Code QuickLabs.

Join us at IBM booth #401 to engage in our Call for Code Drone-IoT-Visual Recognition quick lab! Learn how you can use drone aerial images, Watson Studio and Watson Visual Recognition to survey flood damaged neighborhoods, identify homes with survivors on rooftops, and detect rescue boats.

OSCON 5K Fun Run and Walk

We’re excited to be co-sponsors of the OSCON 5K Fun Run (or walk) on Monday, July 15. Join us at 6:30pm at World Trade Center Portland, and enjoy an evening of exercise, food, drinks, dancing, and, of course, some great discussions around open source and its role in changing the world.

Register in advance for the OSCON 2019 5K Fun Run/Walk.

Please note: Only registered attendees of OSCON 2019 may sign up.

Hear from IBMers about their work in open source

OSCON 2019 keynote

Tuesday, July 16
9:00am-12:30pm A hands-on introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python, Grishma Jena
1:30pm-3:00pm Removing unfair bias in machine learning using open source, Ana Echeverri, Trisha Mahoney
1:30pm-5:00pm Building a secure and transparent ML pipeline using open source technologies, Animesh Singh, Svetlana Levitan, Tommy Li
3:30pm-5:00pm An introduction to open source deep learning models for app developers, Va Barbosa, Patrick Titzler, Jeremy Nilmeier
Wednesday, July 17
11:00-11:40am Reactive for the Impatient, Mary Grygleski
11:00-11:40am Demystifying Data Science, Grishma Jena
11:50am-12:30pm Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning, Maureen McElaney
1:45-2:25pm Introducing Kubeflow w/ Special Guests Tensorflow & cross-cloud machine learning, Trevor Grant
1:45-2:25pm End-to-end transparent, secure, and trusted machine learning pipelines using open source technologies, Animesh Singh
2:35-3:15pm Toward a de facto standard in AI: What’s new in TensorFlow 2.0, Romeo Kienzler
4:15-4:55pm Get Thicker Data Naturally with Computational Anthropology, Augustina Ragqitz
5:05-5:45pm Deploy a Blockchain Web-app with Hyperledger Fabric, Horea Porutiu

Explore open source at the IBM booth (Booth #401)

  • Call for Code QuickLabs: Get your hands on the code and kickstart your own Call for Code project with inspiration from a lab featuring drones, machine learning, and more.
  • Blockchain: Let’s talk about the benefits of blockchain and new developments in the IBM Blockchain Platform.
  • Data science and TensorFlow: With demonstrations on TensorFlow and machine learning, find out how IBM is supporting you at enterprise scale.
  • Java: Talk to IBMers who are actively contributing to the open Java communities, including Open Liberty, OpenJ9, Jakarata EE, and Microprofile.
  • LinuxOne: Find out about the benefits of open source software for Linux on Z and the LinuxONE platform.
  • Center for Open Source Data & AI Technologies: See how close our AI Age Estimation app can come to guessing your age. Then discuss the technology behind the app.
  • New open source projects: IBM continues to deliver innovative ideas as open source projects. Find out about the latest and greatest directly from key contributors.

Join the Maching Learning (ML) Ops Track

ML ttrack

9:00am Welcome to ML Ops, Paco Nathan (Derwen)
9:20am Model as a Service for Real-Time Decision, Niraj Tank (Capital One)
9:55am Machine Learning Vital Signs:Metrics and Monitoring of AI in Production, Donald Miner (Miner & Kasch)
10:30am Morning break
11:00am AI Pipelines powered by Jupyter Notebooks, Luciano Resende (IBM)
11:45am Kubernetes for Machine Learning: Productivity over Primitives, Sophie Watson (Red Hat)
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Practical DevOps for the Busy Data Scientist: Alice’s Adventures in DevOpsland, Tania Allard (Microsoft)
2:00pm Machine Learning Infrastructure at GitHub Using Kubernetes, Michal Jastzebski (GitHub) and Hamel Husain (GitHub)
2:30pm The OS for AI: How Serverless Computing enables the Next Gen of ML, Jonathan Peck (Algorithmia)
3:00pm Afternoon break
3:30pm Democratizing AI: Making Deep Learning,Models Easier to use Through Containerization and Microservices, Saishruthi,Swaminathan (IBM)
4:05pm End to End ML Streaming with Kubeflow, Kafka, and Redis at Scale, Nick Pinckemell (Comcast)
4:40pm Closing remarks


The Portland Machine Learning Meetup (PDX ML) is excited to partner with IBM’s Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies to host a night of 5-minute lightning talks related to the theme, “Open Source AI for Social Good.”

Join us on Wednesday, July 17th between 6:30-9pm to learn about what people are doing with AI to help humanity. Secure your spot at the meetup.

Book signings

IBMers have produced a number of books this year. Come get your book signed and chat with the authors.

  • Join author Brad Topol and get a free signed copy of Kubernetes in the Enterprise, a practical e-book, written so developers and operators can learn how to use Kubernetes to deliver existing applications — or more resilient cloud-native applications — with speed and efficiency.
  • Get your free signed book and discuss the benefits of data science with Jerome Nilmeier, the author of Data Science and Engineering at Enterprise Scale.
  • Get a preview of the new O’Reilly ebook, Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices: Your Java Code in Action, and meet two of the authors, Steve Poole and Graham Charters.
  • Meet IBM Dev Advocate, Tom Markiewicz, author of Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence and receive a free signed copy of his book.